Hair transplant in Strasbourg

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Hair transplant in Strasbourg

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FUE transplant without shaving is an aesthetic and non-invasive procedure to correct minor alopecia. The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method without shaving is one of the main hair transplant techniques (it can also be used for beard or eyebrow transplants). It consists of extracting the follicular units from the capillary dermis one by one before re-implanting them in the area to be corrected. This is a minimally invasive surgery method which also allows the donor area to be enlarged to the temples.

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Graft and Hair Estimates

  • Zone 1

    500 1150

  • Zone 2

    1000 2300

  • Zone 3

    600 1380

  • Zone 4

    1000 2300

  • Zone 5

    1200 2760

  • Zone 6

    1000 2300