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FUE transplant without shaving is an aesthetic and non-invasive procedure to correct minor alopecia. The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method without shaving is one of the main hair transplant techniques (it can also be used for beard or eyebrow transplants). It consists of extracting the follicular units from the capillary dermis one by one before re-implanting them in the area to be corrected. This is a minimally invasive surgery method which also allows the donor area to be enlarged to the temples.

The follicular extraction technique without shaving is particularly indicated to correct mild to moderate hair loss. Leaving scars on the scalp as small as one millimetre in diameter, this technique is very popular with men suffering from baldness who wish to correct their hair loss, while keeping their hair shaved or very short.



Sampling After anaesthesia, the transplants are removed one by one. Unlike the FUT method, which involves removing a strip of scalp, each follicular unit is here extracted from the dermis using a motorised micro-punch with a diameter varying from 0.8 to 0.9. The surgeon uses the micro-punch for detaching each follicular unit from its skin and fat attachments, but without cutting off the roots. This is a very technical procedure, requiring great precision, but which has the advantage of leaving particularly discreet circular micro scars.

Transplant sorting: Each implant is examined under a microscope to check its integrity and to remove unnecessary tissue. The transplants are then placed in a preservative solution before being sorted one by one according to the number of hairs per follicular unit and the morphology of each hair (size, shape of the shaft, colour).

Implantation: After anaesthetising the area to be treated, the transplants are implanted one by one. Again, this is a very technical operation that requires great dexterity on the part of the doctor. The doctor works on the density, the arrangement of the hair and the morphology of the transplants so that the transplanted hair corrects the baldness, while blending perfectly with the patient’s hair.


The postoperative effects are minimal. Each scar is less than one millimetre in diameter, the postoperative healing process is very fast. In addition, small scabs form on the transplanted hair before falling of 5 to 7 days later. Swelling may occur but this is rare and it disappears after 3-4 days.

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The price will depend on the area to be covered by the transplant and the complexity of the operation. The price also includes post-operative follow-up consultations. A quotation including all the rates will be sent to you as well as an information sheet.

Hair transplant :

• Package 1: 1000 to 1500 transplants €3600
• Package 2: 1500 to 2000 transplants €4600
• Package 3: 2000 to 2500 transplants €5600
• Package 4: 2500 to 3000 transplants €6600

Eyebrow transplant : €4600

Beard transplant : Custom quotation on first consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions about HAIR TRANSPLANT

It has several advantages :


• It is used to correct hair loss. It enables permanently bald areas of the scalp to be re-densified without leaving a linear scar on the occiput. It can also be used to correct a loss of thickness of the beard.
• The head does not have to be shaved, but the procedure can also be carried out even if your hair is already shaved. This is important especially for women, but also for men.
• If a patient shaves his or her head, the scars caused by the operation will be almost invisible to the naked eye. Indeed, the extraction of the hair follicle leaves a scare of less than one millimetre in diameter. There is therefore no linear scar, so you can keep your hair short or shaved, even after your transplant.

It takes place at Bitche after a preliminary consultation. On the day of the transplant, you should reckon on between 4 and 6 hours for a follicular extraction transplant without shaving. This includes preparation, harvesting of the follicular units by the FUE technique, sorting of the transplants and implantation in the recipient area. Note that it is one of the two techniques that avoids shaving the scalp before the hair follicles are removed.

No. It is a obviously a technical operation, but the surgery used is minimally invasive and therefore not very painful. In addition, we always anaesthetise the treated areas. If you are particularly sensitive to pain, we can also apply an anaesthetic cream to make the injection completely painless.

Yes. As the doctor specifies during the pre-operative consultation, the patient must start an antibiotic treatment on the day of the operation and continue it for the next 7 days and wash his/her hair with an antiseptic shampoo on the morning of the hair transplant. In addition, it is strongly advisable to avoid taking any stimulants (coffee, tea, alcohol) the day before and on the morning of the operation. Please note that FUE transplant is contraindicated for patients with white or frizzy hair. Even if you don’t shave your head, and even more so if your hair is shaved, white hair is in fact difficult to see on the scalp and the curled roots of frizzy hair can be damaged during extraction.

Yes, the results of hair transplants are permanent. The follicular units for the transplants are taken from the temples or, more often, from the occiput. However, the hair in these two areas is not affected at all by male pattern hair loss. This is why transplanted hair is renewed throughout the life of the patient, whether it is male or female hair. The results of a hair transplant begin to be noticeable after six months and are considered permanent one year after the session.

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