Laser tattoo removal in STRASBOURG

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Laser tattoo removal


Tattooing and the way it is done have evolved enormously. Initially, they were made by hand (e.g., by yourself with a needle using black ink and not deep into the skin).


Then professional tattooists developed techniques (e.g.: coloured inks, depths in the skin according to the place…), and permanent make-up (e.g.: lips, eyebrows…). In order to remove a tattoo, it is necessary to take into account the type of tattoo (e.g.: permanent make-up, artisan, professional…), its location and the colour of the ink to estimate the number of sessions needed. Thanks to technological and scientific advances, tattoo removal lasers have provided another alternative to tattoo removal treatment without the need for surgery.


The tattoo removal laser breaks up the ink into micro-waste. They will thus be cleared by macrophage cells (white blood cells) and eliminated by the body naturally. The tattoo is removed permanently and with much less risk of changing the skin texture. At Asclepios, our practitioners have developed and apply scientific protocols to ensure optimum effectiveness while maintaining maximum safety for the laser tattoo removal treatment.

Laser tattoo removal in STRASBOURG


In order to make the tattoo removal treatment as comfortable as possible, your practitioner will prescribe an anaesthetic cream.


In addition, you must:


• Not expose yourself to the sun after the treatment and until the redness has completely disappeared (about 1 month) because the risk of hyperpigmentation is high as long as the skin is inflamed (redness)
• Not use self-tanning products or sunscreen capsules before and during the treatment.
• Not go to the swimming pool or take baths (showers are allowed) until it heals (a few weeks).

Asclepios medical institute in STRASBOURG

Laser tattoo removal


A minimum of 1 month between sessions is recommended. More frequent sessions do not increase the effectiveness or speed of the treatment.


The price varies depending on the surface of the tattoo, a quotation will be drawn up with the practitioner during the consultation (from €150 per session).

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